Solar Power Plants in Turkey

Investments on solar has came up on 2008 in Turkey. However, Turkey's total 57 megawatts installed capacity is being formed by solar energy only in an amount of 5 megawatts. This is just because that the investment process is much longer and onerous than it is expected to be. Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority will accept applications for the first at June of 2013. As for the investors call all this process coming up since 2008 has called "Solar Survivor" in itself.

In the period covering years between 2000 and 2011 the fastest growing renewable energy technology has been the photovoltaic solar energy. Power need of eight million houses has been supplied from the solar power plants in the previous year in Germany, which is today leader by far in sector. Unlicensed capacity permitted for power production from solar power plants is 500 kW in Turkey. However it is expected to increase while for the plants requiring a license appeals should start on June of 2013.

Turkey Will Become More Attractive

Reports regarding the solar energy systems and energy markets indicating that in the year 2013 solar energy sector will be amplified by the countries of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and developing countries of Europe. Regarding the reports a capacity of 30 GW will be constructed in the aforementioned countries. Most charming countries in the meaning of growth of solar energy sector are South Africa, Thailand, Chile, Romania and Brazil which are followed by Argentina, Ecuador, Turkey and Mexico.

Application In 4 Steps

1) Companies that had their allowances for the measurements shall request an appointment from General Directorate of Meteorology regarding the establishment. Within 15 days of the request General Directorate of Meteorology shall arrive to the designated area in order to complete its controls.

2) Measurements shall be made for 6 months on the designated area as of the approval of General Directorate of Meteorology and for the next 6 months required data will be obtained from the database of the Directorate.

3) A report about the data collected in 1 year shall be prepared and submitted to the Directorate of Meteorology for its control. This report must be submitted at least 30 days before the appeal of the license.

4) For the facilities having a capacity of more than and equal to 600 MW, Companies shall appeal to Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority in order to obtain a license. This is regulated under the Resolution of Authority dated 24.05.2012.


Investors in the energy market have a guarantee of purchase provided by Turkey. Turkish government buys all the amount produced based upon a predetermined list as below ;

a- Hydroelectiric Power Plants : 7,3 USD Cent/kWh

b- Wind Power Plants : 7,3 USD Cent/kWh

c- Geothermal Power Plants : 10,5 USD Cent/kWh

d- Biomass Power Plants : 13,3 USD Cent/kWh

e- Solar Power Plants : 13,3 USD Cent/kWh

As it is seen from the list above Biomass Power Plants and Solar Power Plants are the most paid ones by the Turkish Government. However the purchase guarantee is not the only fact attracting the investors but there is much more.

For the manufacture of goods in Turkey to be used in the solar power plants there is an incentive as listed below ;

1- PV panel integration and manufacture of solar structural mechanics : 0,8 Cent/kWh

2- PV modules : 1,3 Cent/kWh

3- Cells forming PV modules : 3,5 Cent/kWh

4- Inverter : 0,6 Cent/kWh

5- Materials focusing the sun lights on PV modules : 0,5 Cent/kWh

Step by Step Solar Power Process in Turkey

May 2008 : Minister of Energy of the period, Hilmi Güler, has announced the "Solar Power Potential Atlas of Turkey". So that it is seen the quite total capacity of the solar power plants to be established in Turkey.

August 2008 : In order to take effect the solar power plants in Turkey, law drafts including various incentives has been prepared by the related Ministry.

November 2008 : Law draft named "Proposal Of Law Regarding Some Amendments In The Law For The Use Of Renewable Energy To Produce Electricity" has submitted to the Commission for Information and Technology of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Energy and Natural Resources.

June 2009 : The Law numbered 5346 and named "Law For The Use Of Renewable Energy To Produce Electricity" has formed its final state and submitted to Parliamentary. Despite it has been taken issue on General Assembly on 2009 it did not voted for long and then it fell of the agenda.

29 December 2010 : Law draft has been amended again and approved at General Assembly meeting of the Parliament. For the Solar Power Plants to be established until 2013, a limit of 600 MW has been designated. Guarantee of purchase has been designated as 13,3 Cent/kWh. Moreover an extra incentive for purchase price has also been designated in case that if the materials to be used in power plant manufactured in Turkey.
- An obligation for meteorological measurements has been decided for each investor in the law draft.

August 2011 : Ministry of Energy has announced the geographical areas and transformer stations where it is possible to appeal for license for a solar power plant.

August 2011 : Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority has published a draft Communiqué for the measurements foreseen in the Law.

February 2012 : Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority's draft Communiqué has been announced in the Official Gazette and took effect. Later on 31.03.2012 aforementioned Communiqué has been revised.

February 2012 : Geographical areas and transformer stations where it is possible to appeal for license and which were announced by Ministry of Energy on August 2011 has been cancelled. Instead it has been rendered obligatory to obtain a certain amount of power capacity within the measurements to be made.

May 2012 : Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority has announced a ruling regards to acceptance of license appeal to be submitted on 13-14 June 2013, in two days. Aforementioned ruling has also indicated that it is not possible to establish a solar power plant on the agriculture allocated lands above of certain extent. Further it has also rendered obligatory for the meteorological measurements to be made at least for 6 months and to be submitted to the General Directorate of Meteorology.

June 2012 : An official memorandum has been announced from the Prime Ministry with regards to allowances to be taken from the Prime Ministry for the all territories.

July 2012 : A Communiqué has been announced by the General Directorate of Meteorology with regards to the establishment of measurement stations, approvals and data reporting.

August 2012 : A circular has been announced by the General Directorate of Forests with regards to the disallowance for the establishment of measurement stations on the lands admitted as forest lands. Thus, it become impossible to appeal for the license on the forest lands despite it has been allowed by the Law numbered 5346 clearly.

September 2012 : Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority has claimed from the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture, Food and Husbandry to be asked its opinion for the measurement stations to be established on the pasture and treasury lands. Investors has promptly started to try hire lands as small as only 25-50 m2 from the real persons in order to complete measurement obligations where they could not find any area with regards to abovementioned. Specially in the province of Konya landlords has demanded 10.000-TL for a year as rental.