Exequatur & Recognition

At Ketenci&Ketenci we provide our experience on the effectiveness of foreign court decisions to our real and legal person clients within prompt, and cost-effective solutions.

Increase in international trade, people living abroad for various reasons and the disappearance of borders by time has resulted that the legal relationships and disputes not confined in one country or state. This situation has highlighted the difference between the national legal systems.

Therefore a need on the applicability of the legal transactions and court orders at out borders rise. This need is provided with exequatur and recognition transactions made. Ketenci&Ketenci offers full service to international and local clients in regards to exequatur and recognition of foreign court orders within the extent of its main office Turkey and branches.

A foreign court order shall not bear any effectiveness in Turkey, unless it is recognized or ratified by a Turkish Court. Exequatur & Recognition may be your first step to carry out a debt recovery, to get married or such in Turkey. Experienced lawyers of Ketenci&Ketenci will handle each step rigorously with all clients.